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Hydrogeological and hydraulic studies

Our company performs hydrogeological studies of hydraulic basins and sub-basins, with analysis of water bodies, basin plans and hydraulic balances. We perform the acquisition of piezometric monitoring data, permeability tests, hydrogeological and hydraulic data for the subsequent calculation of the hydrogeological model of an area by studying and calibrating the numerical modeling with suitable calculation codes, with definition of the hydrostratigraphic sections and parameters hydrodynamic, in order to be able to define the numerical model of groundwater runoff.

Geosyntech carries out research for the exploitation of groundwater and water bodies, flow tests in the hole and groundwater extraction to determine the useful flow rate, studies and projects for the construction of drainage and waterproofing works, bank defense systems, of barriers, bridles and dams; we design and build automated and remote monitoring networks of piezometers and wells.

Hydrogeological studies of hydraulic basins and sub-basins and analysis of water bodies
Execution of hydrogeological and hydraulic studies, basin plans and hydraulic balances
Drafting of hydrogeological and hydraulic models of water runoff
Measurements of hydraulic potential and flow measurements
Research of water and water bodies for their exploitation
Tests of flow rate in the hole and groundwater emunction
Studies and design of intake works, barriers, dams, bridles, etc.
Studies and design of drainage and waterproofing works
Automated monitoring of piezometric networks and wells
Design of artificial canals and their hydraulic calibration
Studies and design of the protection interventions of erosion banks

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