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G.I.S., environmental impact assessment, territorial studies

Our Company performs with decades of experience activities of Strategic Environmental Assessment (V.A.S.) and Environmental Impact Assessment (V.I.A.) of projects both in relation to national and regional legislation with the preparation of Environmental Impact Studies (S.I.A.), which also include verifications and the analysis of the impact of the project, through the preparation of specific studies of impact, as well as evaluation and minimization of the main impacts on the environment, with analysis of the environmental components of water, air, soil, noise, vibrations, etc. … Resulting from the planned work and preparation of the pre-construction, ongoing and post-construction environmental monitoring plans.

Geosyntech develops territorial, landscape, environmental, energy, transport studies, together with General Regulatory Plans, Landscape Plans, Detailed Plans. Our Company manages, processes, analyzes and represents geographic data through Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S.), with the creation of graphic and alphanumeric databases and their geographical representation.

Drafting of territorial, landscape, environmental, energy and transport studies
Drafting of planning studies and for the government of the territory
Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment
Drafting of land use plans, landscape plans, detailed plans, etc.
Creation of graphic-alphanumeric databases of the territory
Realization of G.I.S., Territorial Information Systems and Land Use Mapping
Creation of computerized technical and thematic maps
Census, quantification and processing of territorial data

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