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Geotechnical & tunnelling engineering

Geosyntech carries out studies, verifications and BIM-oriented projects (Building Information Modeling) in the field of geotechnical engineering for the definition of the best geological-technical solutions and foundational techniques, with dimensioning of direct and indirect foundational works also in port areas, such as plinths, slabs, large diameter piles, secant piles, micropiles, Berlin piles, etc … and reinforcement works of rock walls, slopes, escarpments, excavation fronts, consolidation and foundation works by jet-grouting, sheet piling, Cutter Soil Mixing, diaphragms, etc….

Furthermore, our company carries out tunneling and underground works projects, designs tunnel excavation techniques, performs geomechanical studies and surveys of rock walls or slopes, geotechnical checks of unstable areas, consolidation projects and geostatic safety.

Geotechnical design for the dimensioning of direct and indirect foundational works, such as micropiles, large diameter piles, berlinesi, etc.
Design of consolidation interventions using tie rods, jet-grouting, Cutter Soil Mixing, sheet piles, etc.
Design of underground works and tunnel advancement techniques
Geotechnical design for the stabilization of unstable slopes and slopes
Geotechnical-foundational design of works at sea and port areas
Design of the stabilization and reinforcement works of soils and slopes

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