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Drilling, field tests and monitoring

Our Company carries out geological investigations through continuous core drilling and core destruction probes, sea boreholes using marine vehicles, taking undisturbed, semi-disturbed and reworked samples with execution of geotechnical laboratory tests, execution of geotechnical tests such as S.P.T. in the hole, data acquisition by scissometer and pocket penetrometer, pressure gauge tests in the hole, dilatometric tests in rock, installation of piezometric tubes for monitoring the water table by means of portable phreatometers or with dataloggers, inclinometric tubes with data acquisition by means of servo inclinometric control unit biaxial; laying of T.D.R. with data acquisition and their monitoring; we perform static and dynamic penetrometric tests, load tests on piles, load tests on plate and load tests on floors.

Execution of rotational and core-destruction surveys, even at sea
Installation and monitoring of inclinometer and piezometric tubes
Laying and monitoring of T.D.R.
Execution of static and dynamic penetrometric tests
Execution of dilatometric tests in rock and pressure measuring in the hole
Sampling and geotechnical laboratory tests
Execution of plate load tests, floor and pile load tests
Execution of automatic monitoring through remote acquisition systems

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