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Geophysical survey

Our Company has gained decades of experience in the field of geophysical surveys. Geosyntech performs geophysical surveys of the Geoelectric type, with the acquisition of SEV – Vertical Electric Soundings such as Schlumberger, Wenner, pole-dipole, pole-pole, geophysical investigations with 2D and 3D Electric Tomography (ERT), Seismic refraction and reflection Seismic surveys, also in high resolution, with acquisition of p and s wave velocities, 3D and 3D Seismic Tomography, seismic investigations in the hole with “Down-Hole” and “Cross-Hole” acquisition techniques.

Our company carries out seismic surveys both on land and at sea with both refraction and reflection acquisition. We perform passive simic investigations, with data acquisition by means of Tromino, ReMi and MASW for the determination of the equivalent Vs speed as required by the D.M. 17.01.2018 (NTC2018) but also of natural seismic noise, defined as microtremor, with acquisition of HVSR data according to the Nakamura methodology to determine which site frequencies can be amplified by an earthquake. We carry out geophysical investigations using Georadar, with the acquisition of profiles and surveys for the research of underground utilities networks, for archaeological research, of buried structures, on artifacts, in tunnels and in the hole. We carry out geophysical surveys of Electromagnetic, Magnetometric and Magnetotelluric type, Microgravimetric surveys and surveys, Vibrometric surveys and surveys.

Vertical electrical surveys and geoelectric profiles, 2D and 3D electrical tomographies
Seismic prospecting by refraction and reflection at high definition “p” and “s” waves
Seismic prospecting at sea with reflection and refraction
Seismic prospecting with Tromino, ReMi and MASW for determining the equivalent Vs waves pursuant to Ministerial Decree 17.01.2018 (NTC 2018)
2D and 3D seismic tomography, Seismic Microzonation Studies
Seismic prospecting in “Dowh-Hole” and “Cross-Hole” type
Prospecting, surveys and profiles using georadar, archaeological research
Magnetometric, magnetotelluric and electromagnetic prospecting
Prospecting and microgravimetric surveys
Vibrometric surveys and surveys

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